KEF CIFDT Motorized In-Wall Surround Speaker

  • Flat-panel speaker suited for high quality music and home theater applications
  • 110-millimeter x 180-millimeter (4.5-inch x 7-inch) flat panel with a 130-millimeter (5-inch) bass driver
  • Internal motor tilts speaker out from wall mount when powered up
  • Bezel and grille can be painted to match your room
  • Will require an additional 12 volt supply to power motor

A motorized flat panel surround sound speaker, the KEF CIFDT combines genuinely unobtrusive installation with the ability to create stunningly realistic background effects. Lying flush with the wall when not in use, a sophisticated flat panel driver moves into position when switched on, radiating higher frequencies equally front and back to diffuse the sound evenly throughout the room, while low frequency effects are being faithfully reproduced by the integral 130-millimeter (5-inch) bass driver. Acoustically, the two technologies compliment each other perfectly to generate a richly detailed ambient sound field.


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